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Summer Camp: A Guide to Choosing the Right Kids Camp

The school year is nearing an end, which means one thing is on your mind: summer plans. Cary has no shortage of programs, so it can be overwhelming searching through long lists of things to do with kids. 


If you’ve been considering summer camp, you’re in the right place. Day camps are a great option for summer 2024, as they offer a variety of kids activities perfect after the long year we’ve all had. 


Whether your kid is a camp newcomer or years-long camp pro, here’s a handy guide to everything you need to know about summer camps. Read on to find out why camp is important (especially after the pandemic) and how to choose the right kids camp for your family.

Why is summer camp important?

Let’s start with why summer camp is important. You probably have fond memories of your own of going to camp, meeting new people and experiencing new things. Lots of people would agree that camp made their summers better as a kid. 


But beyond the great memories, did you know that studies have shown summer camp is an important part of a child’s development? 


According to the American Camp Association, kids who attended a summer camp reported significant growth in the following areas:


  • Self-esteem

  • Independence

  • Leadership

  • Friendship skills

  • Social comfort

  • Peer relationships

  • Adventure and exploration

  • Environmental awareness

  • Values and decisions

  • Spirituality


The ACA is currently updating their research with a five-year impact study that began in 2016. The study focuses on a sample of former campers aged between 18 and 25 years old, each of whom was asked what they got out of camp and how they are currently using those learnings in school, work and their lives. 


Preliminary results from the study show that some of the most essential takeaways from camp include relationship skills, perseverance, an appreciation for individual differences and a willingness to try new things.


Summer camp is not only a way for kids to have fun and meet new friends, it’s a great place to develop life skills. Camp sets kids up for success in a flexible, welcoming and creative environment. 


Camp is also more important than ever, considering the events of the past year with the pandemic. Human connection is more crucial than ever before. Camp is a safe place for kids to interact and form new friendships, while also providing structure and an outlet to work out any pent-up energy.

What makes a good summer camp?

There are a wide variety of summer camps available in the Triangle. So what takes a camp from average to good — or even great? Although the answer will depend for some, there are a few core elements that mark any great camp experience:

  • Safe and welcome environment

  • Engaging curriculum 

  • Well-trained, empathetic instructors

  • Flexible pick-up and drop-off options for busy parents

Here at Vision Martial Arts, we’re committed to always providing the best summer camp experience. Not only do we offer a variety of themed specialty camps, our instructors go above and beyond to ensure each child feels supported.

How do I choose the right summer camp?

Now that we’ve covered why summer camp is important and what makes a great camp, all that’s left to do is find the right one for you and your child. 

Find Your Amazing Summer Camp

Unlock you child’s potential with mental stimulation, physical activity and friendship-building.

Jedi Academy Badge

Jedi Academy

Campers will spend 7 hours each day practicing their Jedi skills! The instructors will be demonstrating and teaching Jedi skills. The campers will learn light saber training and how to use the force! At the end of the camp the campers will graduate from an Jedi Initiate to a Jedi Knight.

Camp Dates: Week of June 17-21

Zombie Survival Camp Badge

Zombie Survival Camp

Campers will spend 7 hours each day practicing their zombie survival skills! The instructors will be giving instructions on how to survive a zombie attack. Activities will include Nerf gun battles, obstacle courses and more!

Camp Dates: Week of June 24-28

Video Game Camp Badge

Video Game Camp

Have you ever wanted to be in your video games? How about seeing if you can defeat the challenges like your characters? If so this camp is for you! We will be competing and challenging ourselves to become the characters you love to play.

Camp Dates: Week of July 1-5

Weapons Camp Badge

Weapons Camp

Mr. Favazza will be leading you through a fun weapons training camp experience. This camp is great for beginners and more experienced students to learn and improve their skills with their weapons. You will also have the opportunity to learn the Weapons form for competition and graduation.

Camp Dates: Week of July 8-12

Hogwarts Camp Badge

Hogwarts Camp

Welcome to the Wizarding World! The students will have the opportunity to take classes of Potions, Muggle Studies, Herbology, and Charms. We will play Quidditch for the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup. Wizards will also be able to graduate to the Next Year Wizard or Witch! Returning Wizards will further their education with more difficult Potions and Spells.

Camp Dates: Week of July 15-19

Wait List! Please call 919-710-0343.

Sparring Camp Badge

Sparring Camp

Mr. Boutaline will lead the campers through skills and drills to give them an advantage in sparring in the future. All sparring experience levels are welcome. Campers must bring their sparring gear to camp.

Camp Dates: Week of July 29 - August 2

Olympians Camp Badge

Olympians (Percy Jackson) Camp

In this camp, we will participate in challenges and activities related to the Percy Jackson stories. The instructors will be leading activities and drills to keep campers active and moving all-day.

Camp Dates: Week of August 5-9

Creative/Xtreme Camp Badge

Creative/Xtreme Camp

Mr. Favazza will lead you through a fun camp experience, learning and enhancing your Creativity in Martial Arts. This camp is great for beginners and more experienced students to learn the best tips and secrets to gain an edge for your next experience at a tournament or to gain techniques and abilities in your martial arts!

Camp Dates: Week of August 12-16

Board Breaking Camp Badge

Board Breaking Camp

At this camp, Master Beddow will share the secrets and techniques to improve your board breaking. The camp will culminate in an awesome demonstration of breaking Wooden Boards!

Camp Dates: Week of August 19-23

Location, location, location

When you have a family to take care of, convenience is a major factor in making any scheduling decisions. Find a camp near you, rather than going farther afield. 


That’s why our summer camps are all held at our location on Cary Towne Center Road. Located just off I-40, it’s an easy drive from anywhere in the Triangle.

What activities can be done in summer camp?

All of the camps at Vision have a base in martial arts, from breaking to sparring and combat. In addition to a traditional martial arts camp — with rank promotion — we also have specialty camps for kids interested in Harry Potter, Star Wars, zombies and more. By pairing martial arts with fun kids activities, campers get a chance to engage their imagination and get great physical exercise. 

Choosing the right camp is about combining the opportunity that martial arts offers with your kid’s interests.

We have a great staff at Vision Martial Arts and our summer camps are a welcoming environment for all kids ages 5+ and all experience levels (no martial arts background is required). We’re also a nut-free facility, to ensure the safety of all kids. 

Not to mention, we have early drop-off and late pick-up for all of our camps. 

You now have all the information you need to make a decision for your kid’s fun summer plans. 

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